The Carpedia is more than just a car rental company

We Build The Nation Through It Too


our values

First Class Customer Service

At The Carpedia, we deliver the best to provide a professional, trusted and reliable service to our customers.

Our “Wheels For All” policy ensure that we will attend to any requests made. Your feedbacks are our greatest asset in making our services relevant.

Door To Door Vehicle Delivery Service

Let us ease your problems with our convenient and affordable Door-to-Door Service. With one call or click, The Carpedia delivers your booked vehicles right at your doorstep.

Wide Range of Fleet

With comfort top of mind, our wide range of fleet from compact to 12-seater people carrier allow you to find the right vehicle for your needs.

meet the fleet

We only serve you comfort, from compact to 4WD vehicles

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Hear From Our Clients

Our satisfied client testimonial.

My car was sent to workshop for a major repair for 1 month! The Carpedia came in and provided me with a practical car rental solution so that I could endure my routine as usual. Illya Shafiq

Captain Pilot, Malaysia Airlines (MAS)

1 year later, we are still calling the same company to rent cars for company retreats! They are so friendly and helpful! Especially for someone like me who love last minute trip! What a lovely arrangement from The Carpedia team! Keep it up! Shahid Abu Bakar

Co-founder, MiND Mechatronic Intelligent Design Sdn Bhd

Good, reliable and affordable car rental service when I needed them to transport my crews and equipments for a local show. Highly recommended. No regret guaranteed! Dato’ Hattan

Top Malaysian Singer

I came back to Malaysia to bring delegates from Japan for a business meeting in KL. The Carpedia provided me with just the way I expected it to be. From excellent car condition, super friendly and knowledgeable driver, I am a proud Malaysian to announce that The Carpedia deserves a big round of applause for its service. Johan Julis

Ara Damansara