One of the must visit places in Malaysia is Langkawi Island, Kedah. With its age-old myths and legends and its natural beauty, Langkawi Island is part of an archipelago of 99 tropical islands just off the coast of Kedah. For your information, UNESCO had accorded Langkawi Island as Global Geopark status in 2007 for its diverse and amazing geological heritage which can be traced back to more than 500 million years. Besides, it is also a famous duty-free destination which means more shopping?! Yay!

But shopping aside, here are the top 11 activities that you can do while in Langkawi Island. Read on and perhaps you can start planning your vacation there this coming holiday.

1) Eating Village Style Dishes in Laman Padi
Of course, eatery shall be number one in the list. Eat local dishes in Laman Padi while enjoying the majestic scenery of the paddy field. We are sure you will enjoy the time spend there with your loved ones or friends, easily chatting with one another while eating and taking in the surroundings. Delicious food with perfect scenery? You bet!

Langkawi 005

2) Seafood Galores at Various Seafood Restaurants
Eat your heart out with the ever scrumptious and fresh from-the-sea seafood! There are many restaurants here in Langkawi that serve fresh seafood in local style servings with an affordable price tag. Forget your diet, it’s on holiday anyway.

Langkawi 004

3) Bicycling Around Padang Matsirat
Experience the nostalgic feels when you bicycle around Padang Matsirat at Kampung Bohor Cempedak. Paddle up and feed your eyes with the astounding landscape of villages and local scenes.

Langkawi 002

4) Rent a Helicopter and Sight-Seeing from Aerial View
With only RM550, you can rent a helicopter for a 5-minute period and enjoy the panorama from above. A helicopter can accommodate 4 persons, a pilot with 3 passengers.

Langkawi 003

5) Parasailing at Pantai Tanjung Rhu
Savor beach scenes while parasailing at Pantai Tanjung Rhu. Although there are two locations in Langkawi that offer this activity, the other one being Pantai Cenang, but Pantai Tanjung Rhu offers a more magnificent view that you can take in.

Langkawi 001

6) Unleash Your Creativity at 3D Museum
The 3D Art in Paradise Museum is the second largest of its kind in the whole world. It offers more than 200 3D arts there, where you can explore and be wild, get creative when taking pictures.

Langkawi 006

7) Shop Till You Drop at Duty Free Langkawi
Did I just mention the word shop just now? Yep, Langkawi being a duty-free location in Malaysia, you are entitled to shop (without the tax!) and enjoy an affordable and competitive price range there. People usually shop for tableware, dinnerware or home decorations.

Langkawi 007

8) Enjoy BBQ Style Sunset Dinner and Revitalize in Salt Water Jacuzzi Net
It is a 2-in-1 activity that you can enjoy on Tropical Charters Cruise. You can eat BBQ style dinner while appreciating the sunset view and also enliven oneself in the Salt Water Jacuzzi Net. It is different from the other attractions and we are sure you will love it.

Langkawi 008

9) Kayaking at Sungai Kubang Badak
Now, it is time for you to appreciate the wilderness beauty at the river. You can opt for kayaking, whilst at the same time releasing some sweat from the workout.

Langkawi 009

10) Island Hopping and Snorkeling
If you want to explore further the islands surrounding Langkawi Island, you can also opt for island hopping activity which also includes the famous Tasik Dayang Bunting, with its legends and myths. Or else, you can also opt to snorkel and take in the gorgeous view of the underwater world.

Langkawi 010

11) Take A Memory Picture at Dataran Lang
Langkawi Island, also being famous for its Eagle, has a statue of an enormous eagle in Dataran Lang. Take a picture there, as a memorabilia that you had already visited the Langkawi Island.

Langkawi 011